stands for next generation media company
we know Blogs are the natural occurring evolution of the publishing media industry.

Why Choose ngiom…?


All technical aspects and tools provided for you to work effortlessly on your blog.

Social Network

Our Ecosystem is backed by our fully integrated social network.


Become real blogging specialist with various on-line courses and knowledge database.


Protect your content with our proven legal services.


Analyze your blog performance and improve with deep insight in all activities on your blog.


Start earning with blog: We set up for various methods of advertising on your blog.


Easy and reliable daily backups of your complete blog content.

Social Media

Connect and synchronize instantly to major social networks.


No need to think about spyware or trojans, we keep you save.So you can sleep well.

Quality Assurance

Our in house editorial office guarantees that only high quality articles are published

Responsive Design

Each blog will always look perfect as intended to be, neither on desktop,tablet or even mobile.

Media Archive

Free usage of our extensive media archive for your blogging needs.